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taught me how to love".Former resident Du Chao, 16, who now attend▓s boarding school, returns to Ankang every weekend. Hu▓ is teaching him guitar."Playing the guitar helps me to get along easily with classmates and even makes me popular with girls," he said with a shy smile.When asked to contemplate Ankang's

future, Hu▓ looked sad."It's been touching to see the children grow up and have their own careers or families," he said. "Five years from now,

when the last child has left, ▓the home may have accomplished its mission, but it will be a pity if it's

closed." ▓Hu suggested the government may want to keep it open to ▓help more people in need.Please scan the

ndependent, and it

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lgary opens arms to welcome Chinese pandas▓ with grand celebrationCalgary opens arms

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to welcome Chinese pandas with grand celebrationCalgary opens arms to welcome Chin

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Jiwen with law institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, who participat?/p>

the disaster."Counseling p

rovidedSo▓me 712 youn g people age d 4 to 19 were r e▓settled at the ho me in Rizhao w
ithin weeks Internet Explorer 4.0 of the earth 4 X
quake▓, inc Internet Explorer 5.0 luding those 5 C
from the wo Internet Explorer 5.5 rst-hit area 5.5 A
s of the Aba Internet Explorer 6 Tibetan a 6 A
nd Qiang aut onomous prefecture. On▓ ce there, they b 7 A
egan to rece ive counseling on how to cope ▓with the t 6 A
rauma.In A ugust 2009, 672 of them▓ were moved t 1.7 A
o the new Ankang complex i n Chengdu'▓s Shuangli 1.8 A
u district , about an hour' s drive from downtow▓ 1.8 A
n. It had dorms, recreatio nal areas and a dining 1.9 A
room. T he other 40 went to live wit 1.8 A
h relative s."They're all Sichuan nat 1.8 A
ives, so c aring for them an?/td> 坉 educating them in their hom 1.7 A
e province sounded like the best choice," said 1.7 A
Qi Jianxi n, manager of the Rizhao facility, which was s 1.8 A
hut down o nce all the re sidents were transferr 1 A
ed.Unlike in Rizhao, whe▓ re the spouses of stee 1.1 A
l company employees made u p most of the 128 vo 1.2 A
lunteers, the facility in Shuangliu was staffe 1.3 A
d with 86 professional car egivers as well▓ as 3 1.4 A
4 administ rators and secur ity guards.Th▓e distr 1.5 A
ict civil affairs authorit y, which took▓ over r 1.6 A
unning the home, placed th e children in school 1.7 A
s, while R izhao Steel offe red to cover▓ the cos 1.8 A
t of tuiti on for older resid ents going onto high 1.8 A
er educati on."The aim was to ensure ev 1.8 A
eryone got  an education af ter they r eturned to A
Sichuan," Q i said. Hu Yua nzhong, ma nager of t A
he Shuangliu  home, added: "Child safet y was also A
a priority. Like parents, our caregiv ers take t A
he young p eople to see doc , who tra?/td> 420 A
tors as well as encourage ▓them to do their h aesthe?/td> A
omework."Hu S60 S60 413 A
said 624 res idents have mo ▓ved out since 2009, - A
with 282 sta rting universi ty an▓d 342 finding j - A
ey're m?/td> obs after trai ning at vocational s - A
chools. With only 48 resid ents left, the younges - A
t 13 years old, the numb er of caregivers has b - A
een reduced to seven.Res toring trustLi said sh - A
e knows the home will no t exist forever, "but - A
it will be a lways in my hear Wii - A
t because it made me feel se cu▓re whe - A
n I was at m y lowest point".Before t he quake, she 8.5 lived in Maerkang. S
he had nev er met h▓er biologi cal mother, 3.1 C
and when h er father was killed ,▓ she reca 3.3 A
lled feeli ng terrified."I didn 't know who 3.5 A
I could▓ de pend on," Li said, adding that despite b - X
eing an outg oing child, at the Rizhao home she would c 1 C
ry herself t o sleep most nights. "I thought no one c 1 C
ared. But hearing my cri▓es , the psychologists ca - C
me to me a nd repeatedly to ld me I wasn't alone." - A
She learne d to trust ▓t he caregivers at the h - X
ome, espec ially afte r they celebra - X
ted her first birt hday since the - X
disaster and gave her a toy bear as a gift. - C
"From the n on, I knew I c PSP - C
ould depend on the people at the h - - U

坋d in the draft of the proposal. A total of 13 Siberian tig▓ers have died over a span of three months in Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo, including 11 which died of malnutriti▓on and another two were shot dead while mauling a zoo work▓er in November 2009, said Liu Xiaoqiang, vi

throughout the Trump administra▓tion.He specifically cited a July 19 email copied to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, then Energy Secretary Rick Perry and "a lot of senior officials," saying▓ in that email, he revealed t

hat he "just talked to Zele▓nsky" and secured a commitment for a "fully tr▓ansparent investigation."However, Sondland said: "President Trump never told me directly that the aid was tied to that statement" about investigat▓ions over Former Vice President Joe Biden and his son▓.T

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